Kirk (kirkando) wrote,


It has not been awhile since I have posted, but my good friends have made me update! You guys are crazy!

Anyway, Pete got me listening to this band called Hanzel Und Gretyl, I think they're awesome! Pretty cool stuff, I suggest checking them out.

Yesterday, Dave got in trouble! He tried to con one of his professors into postponing the test, but it backfired, and he decided to have the test the very same day! Dave said he had no idea what to do! Hopefully he studied good enough!

I saw a commercial the other day, some shoe company sponsored the Jamaican relay teams for the Olympics! Thats pretty neat, I hope they do well. Better than the overhyped bobsled team from awhile back that's for sure! No, I'm kidding, they were really good. My friend Lenny almost qualified for the bobsled team in 2002! That would have been crazy, Lenny's so out of shape!

Anyway, talk to you all later! Minnesoata is warm now!
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